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HEARING: Interacting with the world means being able to listen to it. For this reason, good hearing ability is essential to defining the quality of our lives.
A hearing impairment makes communication difficult both for the affected person and for those he/she is speaking to. For this reason, people affected by this disorder may tend to retreat into themselves and avoid contact with others up to the point of withdrawing from social interaction.

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Coselgi Vivace   - Live a dynamic life

Vivace is the new hearing aid family from Coselgi, ideal for people with dynamic, energetic and active lifestyles. 
Vivace offers the perfect balance of discretion and functionality. Almost invisible, it incorporates cutting-edge technology and outstanding sound to make a real difference to your life.

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Book An Appointment: Probably the best way to start with us is to book an appointment to see one of our audiologists. You will be asked for details about the hearing problems you have including any relevant information about your health history in general. Click below  to fill/submit a contact form to get full details.

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