Speech and Language Pathologist

  • At Nigerbell Speech and Hearing Centres, our speech and language pathologist works closely with babies, children and adults, who have various levels of developmental speech, language and communication disorders, and with those who have swallowing, drinking and eating difficulties.


  • We also work with diverse individuals and groups, including people with physical and learning disabilities, hearing loss, speech disorder as a result of cardiovascular and neurological problems e.g stroke. This is achieved by assessing the client’s level of disorder and needs before developing an individualized treatment plans and programs to enable client to improve as much as possible. ¬†Other persons with whom the client has a close relationship with, for instance parents, siblings, caregivers and teachers are involved in the therapy plans and procedures.

    We also work alongside other professionals and healthcare providers, for instance, Doctors, psychologist, audiologist, teachers, social workers, occupational therapist and physiotherapist as a part of a multi disciplinary team.
    Our services include:

    1. Assessment of children with developmental delays, speech and communication disorders.
    2. Provision of habilitation and rehabilitation services to children and adults with Hearing aids and Cochlear implant
    3. Provision of services to children with difficulties in functional skills in the areas of speech and language development.
    4. Designing, development and implementation of individualize treatment plans/programs for patients
    5. Counseling for families regarding speech, language and hearing therapy progress and recommendations
    6. Collaboration with other professional healthcare providers and classroom teachers regarding the speech and language development and goals of patients
    7. Writing and maintaining patient’s case note and reports.
    8. Working with patients on a one-on-one basis and in groups to deliver therapy depending on child’s need