Cochlear Implants

Hearing and Hearing Loss

  • Types of hearing loss
  • The Audiogram
  • The Optimal Solution
  • MED−EL offers Hearing Implant Solutions 
  • Candidacy for Cochlear Implants
  • Who Can Benefit?
  • Who are cochlear implants designed for?

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    Nigerbell Speech Therapy


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    Widex DREAM

    WIDEX DREAM allows more sound in than any other hearing aid so you can hear more details of the world around you – and in a way that’s as true-to-life as technology allows. Even in noisy environments such as parties, sport events or at the cinema.

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    Home Page

    Book An Appointment: Probably the best way to start with us is to book an appointment to see one of our audiologists. You will be asked for details about the hearing problems you have including any relevant information about your health history in general. Click below  to fill/submit a contact form to get full details.

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