As wonderful as this experience is one’s joy may be curtailed by one or more of the following possibilities:

  • Failure to hear the doorbell or telephone ringing.
  • arrowDifficulty in comprehending, especially in noisy environments.
  • arrowHaving to continuously ask the speaker to repeat the sentence.
  • arrowFailure to grasp important information during work meetings.
  • arrowFailure to hear the sound of a siren or vehicle approaching – this situation is dangerous as it could lead to accident or permanent bodily harm/disability.
  • arrowInability to partake in moments of laughter with friends or family members.
  • arrowNot being able to hear birds twittering.
  • arrowNot being able to communicate freely with others around us.

Interacting with the world means being able to listen to it. This can only be achieved if we have good hearing ability. A hearing problem tends to make communication hard both for the speaker and his listeners.
You don’t have to retreat yourself, you don’t have to avoid contact with others, and you don’t have to withdraw from social interactions. This is because there is hope for you. Very good news! Yes, we have different hearing aids that can help you hear again. Now, smile.
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